Who needs an RV and car

John Harrelson

New Member
Over the rivers and through the woods

I can’t do now like I use to could

But with retirement in sight and a trailer to tow

I quiver with excitement, ready to go

East coast, West coast and all in between

I’ve seen it all, Winter in white, Summer in green

The skys the limit, my spirits soar

But my income says I’m to poor

What can I do, where can I go

That doesn’t require a lot of dough

I search the forums looking for the best

And politely ignore all the rest

Because they are nice

Friends give me advice

But they don’t understand

That I’m living on a grand

They’re still working with plenty of bread

But I’m retired with bills I dread

Then there’s the problem of my health

It’s hard to buy meds without the wealth

When my dream wants to fade

I remember what I’ve made

A lifetime full of memories

of a world filled with poetries

Who says I have to travel afar

Have the expense of owning a car

Out my backdoor, I look and I see

Running water and an old shade tree

I planted that tree long, long ago

And over the years watched it grow

The water doesn’t run along a creek bed

It only comes from a sprinkler head

The scene is so peaceful and serene

I go to bed with this beautiful dream

When morning comes, I’m ready to start

Once more in my eye there is a spark

I move the trailer back under the tree

And move the sprinkler so it don’t wet me

With a lawn chair for my can

And a beer in my hand

I finally relax, my sole at peace

My worries are gone, my spirit released

To soar through the memories I have made

While I’m sitting here in the shade

It’s not over the river or through the woods

And maybe I can’t do what I use to could

But peace is where you find it, near or far

Harrumph… who needs an RV and car..

John Harrelson

September 2007