why do they call them Toy Haulers


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I just bought a 2003 four winds 5th wheel Toy Haulers so in a couple years me and the ol'lady can leave the nest and enjoy life a bit ....

anyway we loaded my bike in the back for a weekend . synched the bike down good went 30 miles to the river opened the back door found the bike laying on it's side all dented up
it ripped one of the tie downs out of the floor the only thing holding the tie down -down are 3 - 1/4 bolts that’s just go into plywood
it's going to cost me an extra 3 grand to fix the bike and another 150 dollars to put some real tie downs in the garage of the toy hauler

so if they wont hold a toy why do they call them toy haulers? :angry:

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Re: why do they call them Toy Haulers

Hey Tsisgoya, welcome to the forum. I think the problem you encountered was the quality of the product (RV). Some RV's are literally thrown together and others are quality products. Some cost a few thousand $$ and some cost quite a few thousand $$$$. I guess it is the old adage, how much do you want to spend to haul your toy around and Camp. The best way to check out RV's is to research the manufacture's specifications on his product. Most manufacturer's have Web sites and you can check out how they build their RV's and what materials they use. :)


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Re: why do they call them Toy Haulers

They call them toy haulers because that is what they are supposed to do. Doesn't mean any particular one will actually do it :) Look in other threads here for horror stories about 'Recreational Vehicles' which are not at all Recreational...