Why do you do it?

I know thats a huge questions! :) I just can't stop thinking about just getting rid of everything, buying a larger RV, loading up my 2 cats & taking off. But there is no logical reason for me to do this. I'm single, female & retirement age & don't have a clue about taking care of an RV. I'm just curious, for those of you who would like to respond, about what got you into full time RVong? How did you begin? What made you just get up and go & how long did it take you before you first had the idea & it actually happened for you? Am I day dreaming & should just go back to my hum drum, not exciting life that is completely safe & secure? I feel a calling!!!!!! Help!!!! :cool:

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Re: Why do you do it?

We thought about it on a 10 day trip to Canada in 1976 with a 13 foot TT, 2 boys and a huge Irish Wolhound dog. We planned and dreamed for 19 years and finally I retired at 51 years old, sold the house and here we are. It's great if you like adventure, uncertainty, challenges and a all around great time. :cool:
RE: Why do you do it?

We have our concerns too.
We are keeping our primary residence.
Try to find something you can afford without selling out you're old life.
If you fall in love with the life style then you can pull the trigger and join the ranks of those without a home that doesnt have wheels.
Re: Why do you do it?

Thanks for all the good advice! I'm going to give it a good try this summer for a couple of weeks at a time. To give it a really good try, I guess 3 to 6 months would do it. That would probably mean quiting my part time job & needing a bit larger motorhome for me & my 2 cats. It will be hard to give up my Toyota Dolphin & my 23 miles per gal tho. :)


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Re: Why do you do it?

Why give up the Dolphin for full timing? Doesn't everything work in it? Those little beauties have good storage space, We've lived in one for three months with no problem at all. Just curious what you hope to gain. :bleh:
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You are right about the Dolphin having lots of storage. Its also in almost new condition with on 35k actual miles on it. I'll know better after a few 2 week trips this summer if it would work for me for longer adventures. 18'seems a bit small for any lengthy camping. Thanks for your comment!!!!
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we were in a 19' provan untill the good Lord decided to increase my familyfrom 4 to 6,
me & my wife slept in the bed and my two sons(small) slept in the attic space, now since we are blessed we are using my dad's vista mini to travel 25' just a little more space and enjoyfull


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RE: Why do you do it?

We had a popup tent trailer and drove all over the country every summer seeing the things we had never seen or the sites we had seen before and enjoyed and wanted to see them again. Anyway enjoyed it so much we bought a motor home, sold the house and hit the road. Only been full timing for 4 months now and we have had a chit load of problems, but we figure they would have happened sooner or later, just got lucky and had it happen now rather than later, so the bugs are out and we are loving the life.
Re: Why do you do it?

At this stage in my life, I've got a nice pop up. If I do decide to do go full-time, I may trade in the pop up on a travel trailer, but things are uncertain at this time.


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Re: Why do you do it?

I started camping as a Boy Scout. After I married we got a small tent, then a larger tent. Next we purchased a used pop-up back in 1972, followed by a much nicer, larger pop-up that was new in 1974. We kept that one for eight years before we got our first self contained RV. Interspersed in this time we raised three boys to be Eagle Scouts and we did a lot of tent camping with them as well as the RV travel. We even spent two weeks traveling in a wilderness area with tents by horse back.

We eventually concluded that we wanted to sell the house and travel when we could take early retirement and that is just what we did. We have now been on the road fulltime with our RV as our only home for nearly eight years.

For us it was just a progression.
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We started tenting, then truck camper,somehow skip the popup and then a 19' MH, now we have a 25', enough space and not a lot of cleanup, inside and outside
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I'm not new to camping. This won't be my first adventure. Started also with a tent. After camping with friends & between us 5 young kids in a tent for a very non-stop rainny weeks we went to a trailer. Fond memories of my two 3 year olds in porta cribs on the back bed of a small trailer for a week. Now the kiddies are grown and gone and I'm looking for a new type of adventure, hoping to hook up with some group type camping adventures. Just unsure as to if my small 18' motorhome will be big enough for me and my two cats for long term camping. I love all your stories and this will help me to decide, plus some shorter camping trips this summer. Thank you all!!! :)
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"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken"

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