Wide body rvs

Just read interesting article by Loren Eyrich on driving wide body Rvs on two lane roads. Would anyone consider this a deterent to buying a wide body? From an insurance or safety standpoint has anyone had a problem. If anyone knows of other articles on the subject, just point in the direction. Thanks. Mike
Wide body rvs

We have a wide body Alfa See Ya and I suppose we have been on some 2 lane roads that we really shouldn't have been on, but did fine. We do try to stay on main highways or freeways. No, it wouldn't deter us from buying a wide body again. This is our 3rd one.
Wide body rvs

No problem. The only thing that bothers me, but not much, are Jersey walls (or whatever you call those moveable concrete barriers at the edge of the road in construction areas). Once you get comfortable with where the sides of the MH are, you'll have no problem. And, if it's a real narrow two-lane road, just go slow and make oncoming drivers yield for YOU; they'll do it.