Wigwam Travel Trailer

I have recently bought a 1974 wigwam travel trailer and know absolutely nothing about it, and have been unable to find anything about it and have run out of places to look... I have googled it every way it can be googled and keep coming to dead end. At this poing any information I can receive would be helpful. So if anyone can tell me where to look, or if you have one and can tell me information, anything... Thanks in advance! :question:
Wigwam Travel Trailer

Welcome to the forum......I tried to find something for you and found nothing. Looks like you will have to keep looking. I never heard of wigwam before so I don't figure there were a lot of them made.
Good Luck,
Wigwam Travel Trailer

If you can find the vin plate and it has the town where it was manufactured then I would contact their chamber of commerce and someone there should be able to lead you to some information.
Wigwam Travel Trailer

Thanks I believe it said it was made somewhere in Tennessee, I just seen the plate this morning... I will give that a try...
Wigwam Travel Trailer

Well I have had no luck in finding any information about this trailer. I have decided to sell it and buy a Winnebago, at least I know a little something about it and if I don't know it then most likely someone else will...
Wigwam Travel Trailer

Wig wam went out with the gas crunch of 75. When gas went to 70 cents a gallon (boy don't you wish now) lots of RV companies went bust. My father used to sell stuff to RV and Mobilehome Companies and they were on of his accounts.
Wigwam Travel Trailer

Hey thanks for the links, couldnt find any infor on the site, but I did "contact" them, waiting for a response! I really appreciate it, maybe it will get me somewhere, I will keep posting!
Wigwam Travel Trailer

Well I never heard back from anyone that I emailed, again thanks for the links. I sold the trailer this weekend and now own a 1982 Winnebago Brave!