Wind Deflectors yes or no or what

We have just bought a new TT. There is about a 3.5 X 8.00 feet area above the tow vehicle. I am considering putting a wind deflector on my roof rack. The tow vehicle is a 1994 Ford F-350 Centurian and the TT is a Jayco Eagle 32 foot bunkhouse. The TT weighs in at about 8000 lbs. I am looking to maybe increase MPG a little and to make the rig tow better. We are going on about a 5000 mile trip this summer. If you have a wind deflector that you use - what kind and where did you get it?

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Harry and Sharon Holsapple


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Wind Deflectors yes or no or what

I asked this question, and the responses all boiled down to 'there is no significant improvement in MPG' and the primary benefit of such a device was 'keep some of the bugs from splatting on the trailer front'...

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Wind Deflectors yes or no or what

Hi dentim1, welcome to the forum, at best you may see .1 to.3 mgp improvement in mileage, now if you put the miles on that the average semi truck does per year (say about 150000 miles) and you have a fleet of 50 trucks on the road then .1 to .3 mpg is a signifigant savings, plus if you take a closer look at semis most don't just have a wind deflector mount on the roof of the tractor, but rather its part of a complete aerodymanic treated to the complete tractor. My personal experience with a wind deflector was when towing my mid-profile Coachman 5th wheel it cost me mileage up to 1 mpg, when I got a high profile 5er it helped about .1 to .3 mpg, it definetly raised the bug line to unreachable. I tow less than 10000 miles per year, at say an average of .2 mpg it don't pay the thing is in the way,what do you do with it when not towing, cause it really hurts mpg when not towing, they just don't pay. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:


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Wind Deflectors yes or no or what

Hi mama. If your goal is to save on fuel, please check out my post on 26 July on that topic. It really works and is low tech and low cost. Hope it helps.