Wind Problems

I own a 1998 Flair 30 H (31 ft) . I bought it used in 1999. Everytime I go on a long trip I feel I need to downsize or do something. This is because of the wind problems I have. Even with the slightest of wind the steering seem to be effected and becomes "loose". I have to be even more aware of my driving. I start looking at weeds or whatever to determine the direction of the wind. Is there anyting (besides buying a very expensive unit)
that I can do to mitigate the problem?
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With my 1995 Dolphin 535, Ford F53 chassis, I had that problem even without wind, I installed new Bilstien shocks and a new steering damper shock. I could hardly believe the change in handling.



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I myself have tag axles on my class a (40 foot"er) and when i get into a wind situation or even alot of semis around me i just jack more air into the tags and it REALLY WORKS,,, if u have ever traveled out west around Texas and Oklahoma then u know what wind is ,, it seems to blow all the time and of course from the sides,,,
When i traveled out that way i had my tags at about 40lbs which is way above what i normally travel with (20 to 30 ,, good ride)
Anyway hope u can figure it out,, but IMO i think u need a good steering stabilizer,, and some really good shocks (if u don't have tags) just my opinion :)


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Here is what I have been told.
Also some of what is on my 1989 32' GBM Cruise Master. (no tag axel)

Anti-sway bars front and rear.
Air bags inside front coils.
Air bags over rear springs.
Steering stabilizer.
Good shocks.

Not sure where you live.
Here in Missouri every vehicle is required to have a state approved mechanical inspection to get plates.
When I took mine in, one of the idlers was loose/worn, allowing play in the front end.
After fixing that problem, steering was much tighter. Might want to get it checked out.

Good luck and don't give up!

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I really appreciate the response. I would like to keep the Flair and it would be much cheaper to fix the problem then to buy a new motorhome. I live in Southern California. I have air bags in the front, I know I have a Anti-sway bar in back. Don' have rear air bags, probably need new shocks. Do wider tires in the front help?


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Re: Wind Problems

Our 94 Georgia Boy Swinger is on a P30 Chevy chasis. Had a little problem with wind also. Set the caster back a little and now it almost drives itself. Been like this for about 10 years with no problem.
Biggest change to date is when we put Goodyear Tires on the rear. Checked the load rating for the tires, weighed the coach, pumped the tires to what they should be for the weight...great ride.

Re: Wind Problems

I also have a 31' Flair, the first few times I drove was a handful...
It turned out to be a flat inner tire on the rear, I replaced all the tires and it handles much better now.