Window Weather Stripping

I'm looking for some window weather stripping for a 1972 Avion LeGrande. The windows are Hehr brand but the old square corner version. The supply places, including the manufacturer, say they don't use that type anymore so they don't have it! So, what do I do now! Any ideas??? Help!?

Thanks for any help offered! Oh yea!! Does anyone also know how to get their hands on a motor for the furnace in this old thing? Brand is Suburban, Model NT30, same situation, new motors are different sizes so no one carries it!! Whatever!!! How about any tricks to lube the sealed bearings in the old motor?

Ed H.

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Window Weather Stripping

I can't help you with the weatherstripping, but if you can't find a new motor through a HVAC wholesale house (you may need to know someone who is in that business), try a local motor shop that rebuilds electric motors. Even some of the "disposable" motors can be repaired, especially if a relacement isn't available.
It may not be cheap, but it should cost less than a new furnace.