windsheild seal

Hello: we have a 2005 Damon 391 motor home, my wife noticed some spots on her side of the dash board after further investigation i found the windsheild seal has pulled away from the body leaving about 1/8 inch gap at the very top corner and going down the side approx. 4-6 inches
anyone have any experience with this type of repair, is this just a matter of having the windsheild re sealed?
thanks for any help


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I would head for a competent auto glass shop and have the windshield re-sealed. They may have to remove it and reinstall it. Not a job for the D-I-Y'er.:)


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Hollis - They came Thursday and removed the broken one but when they went to install the new one they discovered it was scratched in several places. Looked like someone had rubbed smoething abrasive over it??? Anyway, they are supposed to be back today with another windshield. Thank God and GEICO - no charge to me.:):)


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glad to hear that you are getting it fixed,
hug the Boss Lady for us, we enjoyed her being at the M&G
love and prayers

dave and family