Winegard: #1 in Customer Service and Support


New Member
Many times we berate a manufacturers after sale customer service and support. I would like to salute Winegard for extrodinary after sale customer service and support
To sum up the situation: I broke the factory installed TV antenna crank handle on my Jayco class C. I couldnt find one which would work without hitting the TV cabinet door. I contacted Jayco who was of little help except to give me a Jayco part # which was their number for the standard Winegard handle, which I purchased and found too long.
I communicated with 3 suppliers who all said the handles are all the same length.
In desperation I contacted Winegard. After a couple of emails, they sent me 3 handles (at no cost!!). On worked if I bent it (while turning) near the TV cabinet door.
After I thanked Winegard, they sent me 2 "customed shortened" handles
Winegard's customer service gets the Manufacturer of the Decade award in my book. It's good to see some companies will bend over backwards to help you solve a problem with their product.

Stuart Dake