winegaurd dish satalite

i am thinking about buying the winegaurd sold at camping world for 699.99, i would like to know if anyone here has this unit and how well does it work, any problems? is this for real, we have dish network at home so we would just take one of our recievers with us in the 5th wheel. thanks in advance
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I could have you one for Memorial Day, but CW must have gotten a special deal or something. $699 is below my cost. Don't know how they did that, I can usually match or beat their prices. I will call my supplier on Monday and see what is going on. Maybe they lowered the price and I don't know about it.
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k let me know i saw the one at campingworld, just trying to find anyone that has used it and are they what they say, thanks
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We have used one since Feb, 2011. Really like it - just need to be sure it can see southern sky and plug it in. It finds the birds in about 60-90 Seconds. the ONLY complaint I have, is if it loses power it needs to start the sat search all over again.


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Kent, I have the same problem with my satellite system at home. The solution is a computer battery backup power supply. You don't need a big one, just one that will give you 10 to 15 minutes of power. Walmart, Best Buy and CompUSA all carry them. :) :)
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The MB is OK, but expensive to work on - my service man said it's the haredest oil change he has ever done. Our mileage is between 9 & 10.