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We are considering a 2006 Journey 34' with the Cat engine. Does anyone have any experience with this setup? Particularly interested in fuel economy and handling, as well as serviceability and reliability.
Winnebago Journey

Cant address the diesel question, however I can assure you that Winnebago turns out a first class product and they really back their units. :laugh:


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Winnebago Journey

As a motorhome owner, I'm not sure that I could suggest any motorhome as fuel efficient! Our friends in a Journey like to brag about 9 mpg, if you consider that economical. It is a nice motorhome and comes from a company known for quality and customer service. But none of them are economical.
Winnebago Journey

Thanks, Larry and Kirk. Our present motorhome is built on a GM chassis with the Duramax Diesel and Allison. The mileage is normally between 12 and 13, about which we are very pleased. I would think the Cat engine should be efficient; our newer Caterpillar farm tractor is extremely fuel efficient compared to the older Cats and others.
Winnebago Journey

Fuel efficiency will for the most part be a function of how hard you push it at 55 to 60 mph you will certainly do a lot better than 65 to 75 and thats fact no fiction. It all has to do with wind loading on the front end.

At the lower speeds I would suspect you could get in the neighbor hood of 1o mpg at the upper mph iI woild suspect yo would be in the 6 to 8.

No pun intended but for me i love the comfort of a class A and 2 or 3 mpg difference helps me kick back and enjoy the slow journeys throgh this beautiful country of ours.

Oh when you add a toad the weighs about 3300 lbs you are only going to loose maybe 1 mpg.
Winnebago Journey

I have a 2005 Journey 36' with the Cat 350 and Allison 6 speed. It has a lot of torque and performs better than any combination I have had in the past. Fuel milage is about 7.5 mpg. A 34' will not be as heavy. It may get a little better. I wouldn't think that it would be much better since the front is the same size. So far, I'm happy.