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I just purchased a 1986 Lesharo. When I took it on my first trip I was getting anywhere from 14 to 17 MPG. I got less in Minnesota and South Dakota than I did in Wyoming. Everyone I talk to says this thing should be getting 19 to 20 MPG. What should I be getting for a top end speed? I am getting about 70 to 75 MPH. I am going to give it a tune up this winter and change all the filters including the fuel filter. Is there anything else I should be checking. It has about 36,000 miles on it. Any help is appreciated.


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Winnebago Lesharo

Headwinds and hills can lower gas mileage, as can a change in altitude. Also, driving faster or being more heavily loaded. These are common causes of a sudden change in gas milage. Possibly the gas (I note that different places in the country have different octane ratings for the standard grade of gas).

As far as not getting the theoretical mileage, it could be due to engine wear/transmission slippage (how many miles on it?), dragging brakes or stiff bearings, as well as being out of tune, out of allignment, or with tires not inflated correctly. Plus, of course, your driving style.

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Winnebago Lesharo

Not to familar with the Lasharo but, doubt that you will get the 19 to 20 mpg that everyone is telling. 14 to 17 seems about right but not at 70 to 75. If you get that mpg at 75 you may get 20 at 55. What engine, axle ratio and trans do you have in the Lesharo?
Winnebago Lesharo

Your Lesharo will get 17 to 19 at 50-60 mph when it is tuned up and you are getting good fuel with no alcohol in it. However most gasoline sold these days has 10% ethanol in it so you will lose some milage. This is supposed to keep the emmissions down but I don't see how if you use more gas. An octane booster may help but it's cost doesn't make it any cheaper to run.


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RE: Winnebago Lesharo

do you still have your lasharo??
how is your gas milage. Is it the auto or stick and how many miles