Winnebago View Solar Panel for various charging needs

Suzanne Pierson

New Member
I wish to replace my Battery Tenders that now trickle charge my 2008 View in the winter. Wanting now to do this with Solar panel trickle chargers.
Also, thinking to boondocks using solar panels for recharging batteries, too.

What shall I buy and why, where, how to get installed, costs.
Thanks for the Tutorial 101 on this topic!

Dalton Bourne

New Member
A simple operation device like this LEICESTERCN Automatic Battery Charger is something I find extremely appealing. This charger has a fully sealed outer case, which will prevent any damage that might come from a myriad of issue-causing things: water, dust, oil, moisture, corrosion, etc. This model also comes with three different kinds of battery clamps, it gives you the option of choosing the battery clamps that are ideally suited to fit with your equipment and it also helps the whole charging process is automatic, which takes the burden off you.
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