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I am looking for people's comments on the Winnebago View motorhome. Anyone care to offer their opinion? My boss is considering purchasing one.

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I will also be interested in replies to this. I have seen them on the road, but never been in one. They look compact, but deluxe from the outside. trvlgirl42
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We thought the View was underpowered, cramped, and expensive. (Winnebago )

It is basically a Mercedes truck engine/chassis. We chose the Ford chassis, because there would be more service centers. (Yes, we were expecting more service problems. None yet!)

For one person, it might be OK, though. (If money is not a problem.)
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We purcahsed a 2006 Winnebago View last summer. I have put over 17K on it so far and have taken it on two trips from Northern California to Edmonton Alberta, Canada twice. Redwoods - several trips to San Francisco and three trips to Los Angeles.

I think this is one of the most complete and versatile motorhomes on the market. We are averaging approx. 18 - 20 MPG and can parrallel park this on streets in downtown San Francisco.

The motorhome is no doubt much more expensive - than regular motorhomes, of this size - but we found the cabinets to be made of high quality materials and very solid. There is no "press-board" in this unit. All solid woods. Winnebago has also outfitted this unit with the best quality generator and appliances.

Very pleased.

Robert Stock
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How does this engine do in the mountains? Does it have enough power to pull a 17" power boat out west in the mountains. I am very interested in the larger view but have concerns about the power as you can see. :cool:
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We purchased the Itasca version, the Navion and LOVE it!! We've owned it for 1 year and have taken several long trips and several shorter ones. The Mercedes chassis is fantanstic. We get about 17-18 mpg on the longer trips. There is plenty of power for most grades in the mountains, although we do slow to about 55 mph on the steepest freeway grades. We decided to go the diesel route versus gas after having researched the Mercedes engine reliability. The interior is much better quality than others on the Ford or Chevy chassis. For the 2 of us there is plenty of room, however it is doubtful that it will sleep more than 4 adults. For 24 feet, it is well equipped. It does lack exterior storage however(can't take the golf clubs). The real beauty is that I can drive it anywhere. We can still go dry camping at just about any forest service camp ground. The only caveat is that only authorized Dodge dealers can work on the powertrain(only 1 in Sacramento).
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I just bought a new Fleetwood Icon which is similiar to the View. My wife and I really do like the size of the RV and its very easy to drive and park in smaller campsites. But best of all we like the mileage that the diesel engine gets us, which is on the average around 16 miles per gallon. It has one slideout which gives us plenty room inside the coach. We highly recommend this coach to anyone who is just starting out or downsizing from a larger coach.