WinnebagoJourney DL / Freightliner Turbo Excess Heat to area-



I have had issues with High Heat-in the Turbo area to the point of 'Meltdown' of plastic wiring harness and actually cooked the starter!
Was on a steep 8 mile climb pulling in 2nd/ 3rd gear (no tow vehicle) When I arrived at destination could smell plastic as well as strong burning smell.
Went to start vehicle-was a loud explosion sound then nothing? Relocated melted plastic of harness-checked connections-still no start.
Upon closer inspection-starter had melted insulation of field coils leaking out-removed starter-internal was shorted and when I attempted to start
it 'exploded' due to direct short of windings. Replaced unit and installed a heat shield between turbo/starter.
Was on another Trip recently and was climbing to 1700 metres 3rd/4th Gear-after 15 minutes temp rose to 3/4 of gauge-concerned turned on
heater to cool down. Checked Turbo heat-approx 800 F. Decided to fabricate a air cooler to cool down the area of turbo.
After installation on a steep climb-turbo temp 370F so am not concerned of heat problems. No increase in water temperature !
Previous year saw a Motor home burn to frame rails-(was towing a full size vehicle) in Fraser Canyon B.C.-which caused a large forest fire. HMMM?
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I have other issues to bring to owners attention- One at a time !!
I like the Motor home- just not satisfied with the 'Pride of Workmanship' 'Close enough' Warranty can fix it !