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We are fairly new to fulltiming. So we are looking at the southwest for the winter. Any suggestions? What is Quartsize Arizona like?
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We have never been to Quartite, but will be going to Augie's Quail Trail RV Park, near Gila Bend.
We have already made reservations, and the price is reasonable, not like some near Phoenix.
The are around $275.00 a month plus electric, but if you stay longer than 5 months, they
dropped ours down to $260.00 a month. I also understand the Amnities they have are
pretty good, plus tours.
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We have never been to Quartzite, but will winter over this time, at "Augies Quail Trail RV Park, near Gila Bend. This is also our first Winter over, so I already spent a lot of time online, looking for a reasonable place, with rates that wouldn't kill us. Closer you get to Phoenix, the more expensive they get. They have several things to do at the Park, plus they sponsor tours. Their rates is what clinched the reservations for us. Maybe we will see you there.. We get there Sep 1, and will stay till Apr 30.


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Q is fun but I would only stay a week or two during RV week. Why limit yourself to one place? We move around every one two two weeks in the south of Arizona and Cal. There is so much to see and do at every turn in the road, National parks, State parks and the cities with fairs of all kinda, plus the variation in foods. Boondocking here and there offsets the higher cost by moving more often. Yuma, Ajo, Indio, Desert center, Borrego springs, Florence are just a few. We follow the weather even in the SW 200 miles can make a big difference.

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As far as moving around, well, maybe some day. We have numerous close friends in the area, also Phoenix and

Cottonwood. My Wife used to live In Phoenix, and I lived in New Mexico, but very familiar with the area, plus almost

all the Nat'l parks in Ariz and Utah, Colorado, etc. We will drive around and sightsee, but do not want to move

arond this year. California is out of the question, as I can't stand the place. I spentthe last 2 yearsof my

Military career there, and hated every minute of it. I spent the majority of my years overseas, in a few

places, but I hated California, and that hasn't changed. Those years overseas, were good years.

Maybe someday we will move around, but being on a fixed income, being disabled, a lot of the RV Parks in

some places are just out of sight, pricewise for us. Anything over $400.00 a month before tax and

electric is too much. Besides we will not use most of the amenities that a lot of the parks have, so

resorts are not our thing. Anyway this being our first year also, we will see how it goes. Nothing is

out of the question, just some of the prices I have seen.

However, I really do thank you for your time and your post. It is interesting to maybe check out


Kind Regards, D Atchison, USN Retired

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We spend the winter in Bouse AZ, about 25 miles from Quartzsite. Close enough to drive in for dinner or RV parts but out of the Q traffic.

Rent is $160 per month plus electricity @ $0.20 per KWH. Our electric bill usually runs about $50 per month. No amenities or planned activities but we do have pot lucks pretty often. Sometimes the park furnishes hamburgers and hot dogs. We usually have a big pot luck in January and some of the guys deep fry five or six turkeys.

Other parks run about $180 and up.

Bouse is a very small town with a civic center, library, health clinic (nurse one day a week and a doctor one day a week), a couple of restaurants, a couple on convenience stores, three or four bars and not much else.

One of the bars (Nowhere) is a true beer joint. Beer and wine only and If you are too upscale to drink your beer out of the bottle they give you a mason jar - not a fake one with a handle - a real Mason jar. They have live country music on Thursday night.

There are a couple of supermarkets, a Walmart, and a casino in Parker about 28 miles away.
Major shopping in Yuma and Lake Havasu City.


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Bouze, Az sounds really interesting. Can u give me some more info in which parks. Some are more desirable than others I am sure.

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We stay at Coyote Ridge, not fancy but the folks are friendly and the price is right. There are several others in and out of town. Most are close to the highway and train tracks which could bother some people.
There is one just outside of town that is some distance off the highway and the price was $225 per month or so as I recall.
You might want to rent a space for a month or so in Coyote Ridge and check the area out to see which park suits you best. The middle row is best but probably already reserved . The back row is next best.

Coyote Ridge RV Resort
27510 HWY 72
Bouse AZ 85325
Their phone number is 928 851 1061