Winter living

I've just recently purchased a 5th wheel to stay in occasionally while I'm working in Columbia, SC. It does freeze sometimes during the winter. When I'm away, will my plumbing in the cargo hold freeze? I've heard if I leave my hot water heater running and my furnace on 45 degrees that everything will be ok. Does anyone have any hints?

Thanks in advance.

C Nash

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Re: Winter living

What brand of 5th wheel and is the underbelly enclosed? If the unit is well insulated and the temp don't drop into thelow 20syou will probably be ok. Do you have an ice maker? The line to it will freeze


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Re: Winter living

It probably will freeze if temperatures stay below freezing for several hours and the bays with plumbing in them are not heated. RVs that are equiped for winter use normally have a duct from the furnace into the plumbing areas to keep them above freezing.
Re: Winter living

If you can, see about adding a heat duct into the cargo area and add a little styrene insulation infront of the doors to keep out any draft. leave the t-stat at 55