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Hello I'm new to the forum. Have a few questions. I used search but didn't find exactly what I was looking for, so I decided to just ask.

I'm a 28 year old bachelor, working on the road, living in a 1994 Jayco 21 foot fifth wheel. I've been full timing for a little over a year now. I LOVE IT! No hotels for me any more. But I have a few problems that could use solving. Several directions I could go. Let me explain a little bit about the unit/truck that I have, and we'll go from there.

Trailer: 1994 Jayco 215SD. Great little trailer. But it's showing it's age. The roof is sagging where the A/C sits. Water runs towards the A/C unit, pools, and seeps past the seals. Causing a constant drip drip drip when it rains that I have to put my trash can under. It's beyond needing a new seal at the A/C unit. The roof needs to be ripped up, and the trusses need to be built up again, so that the roof has arch. This would probably cost 50% of what I paid for the trailer to begin with. I could do the work myself and make it affordable. But I don't really have time for that. My job is VERY time demanding. Besides the trailer is a little small for me. Not really in living space, but storage it falls way short on. So I'm weighing my options on whether I want to fix my little friend or sell him/buy something bigger. Lots of things are pointing me towards a new trailer even though I've become quite attached to my little home. That's my first set of problems.

Truck: I was pulling my little fiver all over the USA with a underpowered 94 Chev 1/2 ton with no A/C. My good wages saw that that was upgraded quickly. I got a really good deal on a 2002 Ford F-250 with Really low miles, and the low power but super dependable 7.3L. Big problem with the rig is that it came with a 4" lift and 315/75R16s on it. Tall truck. I had to spring over my axles and add custom lift blocks (made em myself out of high grade aircraft aluminum) to make my fiver fit my new truck. All total after spring under, 3" blocks, and new 235/75R15 tires I have quite a lifted trailer. Don't worry though. It is surprisingly stable. I can carve mountain roads with my fiver in tow no problem. And being a young buck making it form job to job I drive faster than most ;) That tall truck is going to make it hard to find and fit a fifth wheel trailer with it. No I won't take the lift off either. I just spent over 2 grand putting new 4" Deaver springs, Billy shocks, all new front end components under it (did that myself too. I'm big on DIY) to replace the old worn out made in Mexico junk ProComp lift that was on the truck when I bought it. Guess my question is would a modern 4 seasons fiver be too tall with a mild lift to run under most overpasses? A Travel Trailer would be perfect. But they don't make them 4 season like the nice fivers. Is there any really really well insulated Trav Trailers that would stand up to harsh winter living? Here's some insight on what I would like to have. A Cedar Creek 34SATS. I LOVE the floorplan on this model. But that bugger is tall as heck without a lift. Haven't done much research on travel trailers. What's out there for Nice, well built, and well insulated?

BTW I worked my A** off today and I'm very tired. So if I seem a bit rambly or confusing that's why :laugh:

Thank you much
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Hmmm... I probably shouldn't have named this thread "winter questions". Everybody is probably jumping on thinking I'm asking about frozen water lines.. Mods if you want to re title this or move it feel A title like "New Fulltime Fiver Questions" or something.
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Watch that FIRST step ... it's a doozy! :clown:

Welcome to the forum, Kyle.

I know ... I know ... you don't want to hear this: Lower center of gravity is better.


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But really does it pull that good since it is so high up off the ground? I do see a good advantage point, you can get to the tires to clean them with ease :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: But as Tex said watch that first step up or the last step going down, maybe a small stool is in order in the future. :) :)
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Hi Kyle.
I also am a Tower Rigger, and a full timer. I started full timing to follow my job around. Mostly parked now, as most of the jobs I do are 1 or 2 days, and then move on. Still living in the rig though and loving it.
As per your question, I believe that all roads in both the USA and Canada have to have at least 13ft 6 inch clearance. I cannot see an RV getting to high for that, even with a lift kit. But like the other fellows said, you just have to be a bit more aware of your center of gravity.
I actually wrote a book called Full Time in an RV which is a guide for newbies that gives them all the information from communications to boondocking. I do not know if this forum allows this so I will not post websites etc.
It was your tower rigger handle that I noticed, so thought I would say Hi.
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I know low CG is very important. Trust me. If the truck hadn't come with the lift I wouldn't have put it on. I have a Toyota Tacoma for that stuff. I think it's more that my trailer is so small and light it can't wag the dog very easily. The wide stance of the tires on the truck helps. My truck could probably pull it flipped on it's lid no

H2H1- Can't explain it man. Like the trailer isn't even back there. Not very many cars pass me on mountain roads. I let er drift a little bit to though. Heck my truck is a little hopped up with a few mods. I can roll white smoke and fishtail the truck with the trailer on and it doesn't even roll. I only did it once for fun guys. I was coming back to Kansas from Sacramento. Went down that little paved road next to I80 that goes to the Bonneville Salt flats. Had to leave my mark along with all the rest of the blackies I I've heard it all. My x girlfriends, x wife, and Mother have all told me I'm reckless, incorrigible, and extremely lucky. No I don't pull foolish stuff around other people or drivers. I might go out in flames, but I'll be dam*ned if I hurt anyone else.

I had to tow my foremans Titanium while his truck was in the shop. The pin box seemed taller on that model. I was skeptical that it would fit to my truck. But it didn't have much of a rake at all. Are they making the pin boxes a little higher on the newer fivers? If so I wouldn't have to lift it nearly as much as my little Jayco. Probably a spring over would do the trick if I were to run something like his trailer.

Fulltimerver- Good to see another person that knows the biz. What are you doing that has you in a place for short times like that? Ya I finally got my break from cellular into tall towers a couple of years back. I got the fiver a little while after that because I wasn't jumping all over week to week any more. Nice long jobs.
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Will I didn't see your link either??? I'd like to check out your book. I'm past the first year of fulltiming. I think that's the hardest. Lot's of lessons learned. A few people at campgrounds watched me while giggling. Now I get to see all the weekenders blundering I try to help them when I can though.