winter season approaches

gettin a little nippy out there! ... would anything be damaged if i left the TT plugged in ALL winter long? .. i may like to use it from time to time in the driveway, such as a guest visit .. or if this may be my dog house if i'm a bad boy! lol.. and fumbling around in the snow doesnt sound like fun. fridge is off and open a bit .. no water ofcourse , all winterized. so that leaves lights and the heater which are all off, but could be used... i assume. thanks! :)


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Hi Swindy 4x4, I leave mine hooked up all year long, summer for the drinks I keep in the frig.And in the winter just to keep the batteries charged up. I see no harm if you keep an eye out on the batteries making sure they don't over heat or boil the water out. Who knows a small electric heater might come in handy when sitting out there and you will need power for that.PS that is why mine stays plug in. I like my dog house to be warm.


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I've kept mine plugged in over the winter. I usually put a small heater in it when the temperatures would drop down below freezing or when I was using it as a guest room. I've started to store it in a heated storage garage now.