Winter showering


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Hi everyone!
We just got our first Travel Trailer! Finally! 24'. Nothing spectacular but more than enough for our Wisconsin visits. We are very, very GREEN to this so pardon our ignorance but I have a few questions.

We visit our property every weekend if possible all year long. We will have electric run this spring as well as a septic tank if funds allow, but our main concern right now is...... How the heck do we shower in the wintertime?

Since I am fearful of freezing the water lines and such I am at a loss.  I was thinking we could get an external propane powered hot water heater with shower head but if it is -20 below and windy outside it might be impossible.  We normally only have a day or 2 to enjoy mother nature so the more time we can be enjoying nature the better. If we had more time we might have more options??? The trailers hot water heater runs on gas and the furnace runs on gas and electric.


Any suggestions?  My wife likes taking at least 1 shower on our weekend visits and the hotel rooms are getting too costly.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Winter showering

Go down to your local Hardware store and tell them what you want to do. I am sure they will carry all of the needed supplies. A little time consuming but you should be able to do it all yourself. Just remember, DO NOT DUMP YOUR TANKS UNTIL THEY ARE FULL. DO NOT LEAVE THE VALVES OPEN. This is very important. As long as you leave your heat on all of your interior pipes should not freeze. You will also have to SKIRT around you trailer. Do a search on winterizing. Here you will find pictures on how to skirt. Good Luck


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Re: Winter showering

While boondocking when water is short we use "Bath" ultra-thick wash cloths from Rite aid that are disposable. I know it's not a hot shower but I was really surprised at how good a feeling clean they leave you with and you can dispose in the fire or normal garbage. You can nuke them for a hot feel and they have a bunch of good stuff for your skin and are hypoallergenic. I first got introduced to thse with an intimate look at the medical profession.
Other option is the Coleman camping shower that is powered by batteries. Two types here I have used the first. It's a battery power shower pump and you heat a bucket of water turn it on and go for it ahhhhhhhh the colder weather IE; hunting or winter makes this very invigorating. The second as a battery powered pump and a 1# propane or convertable to 20# that heats the water too. Problem with both is cold outside, but odor can overcome temperature LOL here!!!



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Re: Winter showering

Found this one the other day. $134.95

Looks like good flow rate and recovery rate. EZ101 is outside mount only.
There are other ones on their site that can be mounted indoors, but the price goes up.

EZ Deluxe could be installed indoors on the bathroom wall.
A Tee and some Valves and you could connect it into the water system.
Or just connect a hose and a shower head to it and have a hot shower.

If we were planning on keeping our present RV, I would buy the EZ Deluxe.
Install it on the bathroom wall and hard pipe it into the system.


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Re: Winter showering

Looked it up online (ended up at Cabella's) and read reviews.
Lots of good reviews and bad reviews. Hot Tap Travel Shower&cm_ite=netcon&rid=2146251080&hasJS=true

From what I read, the biggest complaints were reliabilty and lack of heating power.
Pump would go bad.
Hoses came loose.
COLD water would not get warm enough, unless you heated it twice (using the container).
Double burner version available that heats better.

Only made to heat 4 gallons at a shot - short shower.
Sounds like a decent "camp" shower.

No personal experience with it - just reporting what I found/read.