winter travel


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The end of January I will be pulling my 5th wheel from NC to Utah. I am thinking of going on a southern route to avoid traveling on I70 through the passes of CO. I would like to camp at our night stops. I have never winter camped. How do I keep my water lines from freezing during the day while I am driving? Would I have to put anti freeze in every morning? When I get to Salt Lake the 5th wheel will be parked until the middle of March when I will start a 6 week camping trip in southern Utah and AZ. Any information on routes, campground availability and freezing problems will be helpful.


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If you are on the edge of freezing, that is not much below freezing you will be fine. Also you could leave the furnace on very low as you travel, like 45 to 50 degrees. Or if you are in the all day freezing temps I would winterize and then use water jugs for pottie flush and dump tanks in the morning when ready to leave or put antifreeze of some type into the gray and black tanks to keep from icing, the valves are the problem area.