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Hello to all! I hve wintered in a 1978 rockwood 28' class c for the last 4 years and this summer bought a 1993 Cobra Monterrey 32' class a. The shower and bathroom sink are on the right side of coach and the water heater, toilet and kitchen sink are on the left side. The holding tanks are exposed but I will not be using the blackwater tank at all. What do I need to do to prevent line freezeup? It looks like the plumbing on the right side runs between the wall and the cabinetry and this has me concerned as to how to keep it warm in these spots. Any help will be greatly appreciated as I am considering whether or not I should attempt to winter in the 32' or go back to the 22'. Would really like to stay in the 32'! Please help. Thank you!

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Re: wintering in an rv

Hey tlynn1957, welcome to the forum. If you have room to insulate the water lines, try the 10 ft sections of hose insulation that are sold a Lowe's. They are about twice as big around as a water hose in diameter and are slit the length of the insulation so you can place it around the outside of a water hose. I use it for outside water hoses, if in a real cold place. Most RV'ers in cold climates use the hose insulation and some even put electrical heat strips inside the insulation and tape the insulation closed around the hose. That's if you can access the water lines and have room to insulate them.


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Re: wintering in an rv

The question is, where are you wintering and how cold does it get and how many hours does it stay below freezing each time? To be much help one has to know what we are dealing with. Most of the issues will be the same in the new RV as they were in the old one. Plumbing can be kept from freezing by leaving the cabinet doors open, or place a 50 watt light in them to keep things warm. It it stays below freezing for days at a time, you may need some heat on the sewer hose as I assume that you plan to keep the dump valves open? Does the statement that you won't be using the black tank mean that you won't be using the toilet? What of the shower? Unless you plan to never use the toilet I would be planning to also use the black tank to make sure that things do not build up inside of it. RV antifreeze can be added to the waste tanks to keep them from freezing if need be. If it doesn't stay cold for long periods you can use a 100 watt light and some kind of skirting around the RV to keep things above freezing where your tanks are.

Give us a little hint of the weather you will deal with and we can be of more help.