Wintering in Minot ND??


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I'm trying to figure out if there is any place to winter in Minot, North Dakota. We're thinking of living there year-round for the next two years in our RV.

We're just delving into the possibility, and it would have to be cheaper than renting a house. (Under $300 a month)

I've looked up the RV parks in Minot and none of them are open year round..... any suggestions?

Gary B

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Wintering in Minot ND??

Hi booker, you didn't say where your from, but do you know what winter is like in Minot ND? You'll need a very good cold weather rv, I'm not saying you can't do it but theres a real good reason theres no rv parks open year around up here in this area. I live in MN about 300 miles east an a little south on Minot, and it is no unusual for us to have -20 to -40*F temps in Dec & Jan. :( and there are long stretchs of 0 to 10*F in Nov / Feb. Mar. :eek: Good luck :eek: