Winterizing Class A Motor Home

[Eugene L. Rock] I have a l999 Tropical Model 6370 and I belive I have followed the instructions
in the utility compartment but I keep haveing the antifreeze come directly
out the hotwater tank. Can I put the plug back in the hotwater tank and fill
it and then winterize it and will it go thru my icemaker that is in my refrierator
freezer. Thankyou for your help.
Winterizing Class A Motor Home

[gdauth] Eugene, most new Class A motor homes have a water heater by pass valve so you will not fill the water heater with antifreeze. Look in your owners manaul, or contact your dealer for its location. If you don&#039t have one, you can have one installed. As an alternative, you can blow the water out of the lines with air pressure. Do not exceed 30 LB of air pressure. Check your manual, it should tell you how to do this. If you need more help, you can E-mail me:
Winterizing Class A Motor Home

[] You have a bypass valve located in front of your water heater behind a drawer in the hall way, just turn it opposite angle from whwere it is, to bypass wh., No, your icemaker will not be in your main water system. Take outside door off of refigerature compartment and look to your right and you will see a valve and a small black plastic line going out . Remove the hose fitting and the main line and the will gravity drain water out. Hope I have helped. jerry.