winterizing for Colorado?

winterizing for Colorado?

I would think so. At 10,000 + feet in the spine of the Rockies I would think 10 - 15 deg F at night at that time of year would be the norm there.
winterizing for Colorado?


As a Colorado 30 year resident, I think maybe I can help.

If you intend to use your motorhome while you are in Breckenridge in April you will not have to winterize. You will need to keep the furnace on even when you are not 'home' with a minimum thermostat setting of about 50F. Your motorhome places all water tanks in a heated space under the floor. As long as the furnace is working it will keep things from freezing. I would suggest that you fill your fresh water tank and then disconnect and store the fill hose. Do NOT connect to the sewer system as you normally would while in a RV park, instead use the holding tanks until they are full, then connect and dump, then disconnect and store the hoses. By doing it this way, the things that might freeze are kept in a warm space except when they are being used.

If the motorhome will NOT be used then winterizing is in order.