winterizing the 5th wheel

This is the first year of winterizing the 5th wheel. The popup was pretty simple...just pour the antifreeze in, batten down the hatches, and your good to go! What do I need to do different in this?I want to make sure I don't miss anything!

C Nash

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Re: winterizing the 5th wheel

Drain the low point drains, fresh water tank, both holding tanks, hot water heater and you should have a bypass valve to by pass the hoter heater, switch to by pass. Take about two gallon one might do and use your demand pump to pump into the system. If your 5th wheel does not have a place to hook the pump into the gallon antifreeze you will have to disconnect hose at pump inlet and use a short pice of hose to go from the pump into the antifreeze. Open each faucett one at a time hot and cold until you see pink rv antifreeze. Don't forget the commode flush ,rinse hose, shower hand held hose. If you have a ice maker take the hose loose at back of fridge and pump through. Remember to pour some antifreeze into each drain trap. Some just use compressed air and blow out the lines but I prefer the antifreeze route. If you have washer connections you will also need to pump into these pipes. Always use approved rv antifreeze. I do not pour into fresh tanks. Probably forgot something so others will fill in.
RE: winterizing the 5th wheel

Thanks for the weekend is the last camping weekend for the season Time to put it away for the winter and get the snow blower ready. I hope spring comes fast this year!!!!!