winterizing the winabago

Hi gang,

Well its going to get down to 35 or so tonight, so I went out and emptied the water and blew out the lines. I am pretty sure I blew out the lines real well. After the water came out I was just blowing air...My buddy thinks I should put some of the pink non toxic antifreeze I bought into the water system just in case there are some low spots in the water lines for the water to pool and then freeze and bust the line.
I dont want to use the antifreeze yet cause my wife really thinks it stinks... We are going to be using the motorhome a couple of more times before winter.
So gang whats your vote? antifreeze or no antifreeze ?

Thanks Jack
winterizing the winabago

It's going to have to get below freezing for more than an hour or two to cause you any problems. (IMO anyway, that's been my experience.)
winterizing the winabago

We don't use the pink antifreeze. It takes a long time to get it out of the system in the spring. We use pressurized air to blow out all of the lines and take our time to make sure all of the lines are clear. We travel to Northern MN. in the winter where the temps easily reach -40F. Have never had any problems. Hope this helps.