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Each year I do the winterizing like was told, buying the anti freeze, etc. But, I had a thought...If I drain the water out of each line, empty each tank and hot water hearter, why do I need anti freeze? Even if I left a small amont of water, wouldn't there be enough room to accept any expansion from water to ice? This would be in the low area away from any faucets or valves.
At the golf course each year we blow out the irrigation lines using compressed air. Its the only way to remove the water. But, we do not add any anti freeze.

Its not that I'm too cheap to buy the anti freeze. But when it gets dark this mind wanders!

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Re: winterizing thought

The danger is that there are probably low spots in the lines that will not drain. You don't want to try this. You can blow out the lines with low compressed air around 35 pounds but, I had rather have the antfreeze in there. Draining all the tanks, fresh, black and gray is ok. You don't have to put antifreeze in them. Don't forget the drains. About a cupful in each. Do as you have been doing.

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Re: winterizing thought

I agree, each spring we replace about a dozen water pumps because blowing out the lines does not clear everything out.

In the case of the pumps, there is a check valve in them that prevents city water from going through them backwards. That would fill the fresh water tank. (Had that happen once) It also prevents the air from getting water out of the pump. If you don't run it dry, it will freeze. We like to use the pump to push anti freeze through the system. When the lines are full, you are protected.


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RE: winterizing thought

I only blow out the lines after draining the water heater. I use 40 to 50 psi and start from to back, and do the cold then hot faucet. I work front to back, then do it all again, doing each faucet line for 5 minutes at least. Don't forget toilet and sprayer if equipped, shower and outside shower, black water flush if equipped. Then I do a shot of Pink into the pump, and do the traps. If done properly, there is no problem -- well yes there is -- you saved a bunch of pink stuff ----