Winterizing Travel Trailer

Hi, I am new to the north georgia area and have no experience in winterizing my travel trailer. Do I even need to in this region (near Atlanta). What should I do other than drain all water from the tanks, water heater, etc? At what temperature ranges is winterizing necessary? Thanks
Winterizing Travel Trailer

Hi robsouth,
If you scroll down through the previous posts here, you will probably find all the answers you need.
The short answer is: if the temperature is going to stay below freezing for a long period, I would put nontoxic antifreeze in the plumbing system. If all the water is out, you should not need it, but "if" is the biggest 2-letter word I know of.
The easiest way to get the antifreeze in there is to bypass the waterheater (a permanent bypass kit with valves makes this a 30 second job), pour antifreeze into the fresh water tank, turn on the pump and open each faucet until it runs red. In the spring, flush with plenty of clean water.