We live in the Chicago area and it will soon be very, very cold. Our Class A RV sits in our driveway and we will take it to Florida in January. I am wondering if we should winterize it for the few months it will be here in the cold weather? Then, we will take it south and flush it out and it just seems like such a waste but we sure don't want to take the chance of busted pipes! Any ideas?? Thanks so much.


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HELLO AND WELCOME, I guess that would depend on how cold it will get before you head down to Floridia. I really don't think you wil lhave any problems if it does not get into the low twenties or teens. However, if it hang around the mid or low thirties you should be OK. But to be onthe safe side do a search on past weather temperatures in your area and see how low it has gotten in the pass.


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For the price of the pink stuff and peace of mind I would go ahead and winterize and not take the chance.

I live in Va Beach and this will be my first full winter of snowbirding (mid Nov-1 May). However I have done and abbreviated snowbird thing for the last three years usually from mid Nov to mid Feb and when I have left South FLorida in the past I went ahead and winterized. Sure glad I did this past year with the awful weather we had. My neighbor did not winterize (M/H sat next to his house) and had some plumbing issues in his 1 year old M/H.


Thank you both! I guess it really is better to be safe than sorry - at least that is what my Mama always told me and you're right about the price of the pink stuff giving me peace of mind. Thanks again!!
Thanks you for the quick answer. I guess we'll just play it by ear but I know it can get sub-zero very quickly around here and I suppose we should just go ahead and do it for the peace of mind. Thanks again!


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Jeff is right, when the cost of the pink liquid, go ahead and put it in and be safe and you can sleep good at night knowing it is safe. BTW I have 3 gallons sitting on the garage floor.

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I'm sure it will get below freezing in Chicago before January. No way would I risk it. Go ahead and winterize it as soon as you stop camping. JMO
Thank all of you for confirming what I knew all along but being the "dutchman" I am - - - -! We will get 'er done very soon cause we will not be going back out till January when we head for Florida! So glad this group is here!!


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Where exactly your low point drains may be I can't say, but they should be reasonably evident. On my motorhome there are three low point drains. They are the same tubing as the fresh water system and they hang down under the motorhome with caps on the ends. To drain the system I use the main drain on the water tank, blow out the lines as best I can, then unscrew the caps and allow the remaining water to drain out. Another blast of air thru the city water connection and I'm done. The only PITB is that they are under the motorhome and I have to crawl to get to them.

Good luck with yours and post back if you have more questions.:):)