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I am sure there are volumes written and hordes of websites that deal with winterizing, but all that stuff out there doesn't amount to a hill of beans compared to a few tips from seasoned, experienced, knowledgeable folks like ya'll.

So here goes a couple of questions:

1) Besides the obvious (draining the water, closing vents and windows, stuff like that) are there any biggies I need to do to store my 26' travel trailer for the winter?

2) Is there an advantage, disadvantage, or mixed bag of advantages to using that purple stuff in my water lines I have one of those doohickeys that I can hook an air hose to and blow out the water.

3) Have ya'll noticed that reading these boards is teaching me all the technical terms for stuff?

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Re: winterizing

Living in Michigan I would blow out the lines, drain low point drains and then winterize with the rv antifreeze. Be sure to pull antifreeze through the demand pump. Use low pressure around 35 lb when blowing out the lines.. Do a search on winterizing here and you will find lots of info. If rv is outside cover tires and take some load off them to prevent flat spots. Put something between the ground and tires or just load up and migrate south for the winter :approve:


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Re: winterizing

Two minor suggestions. Put some moth balls inside to keep critters from spending the winter inside (yes, they can get inside) (the smell goes away real quickly in spring) and two, you might want to consider putting out one of those moisture cups (the kind where you put the pellet stuff inside them and they will absorb the moitsture and in goes in cup below). Put it in the shower stall. ;)


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RE: winterizing

You definitely need to do more than drain the water, close the vents and windows. Go to the following link for a tutorial, complete with pictures, on what you need to do to winterize your RV water system. Failure to do it properly can cost you not only inconvenience but a great deal of money. Just blowing it out will not complete the job. It only takes a short amount of time and a couple of gallons of RV antifreeze so you might as well do it correctly and spare the worry and risk. Also, if your toilet has a hand spray valve, don't forget to winterize that also along with the outside shower if you have one.
Good luck.