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I have a dilemma. We bought an 07 Fleetwood Revolution for many reasons one of them being it is winter proof.
I drained the antifreeze, it was 25 degrees, had the furnaces going for 30 minutes prior, and by the time I pulled down to my house, and filled the water tank, the water pump froze and broke.
My dealer tells me all tanks are heated, storage is heated but water pump is not. Water pump is located next to wet bay with no heating ducts running to it.
All Fleetwood says is the coach is heated where ducts run to and emailed me schematics. We let the water run enough to keep the pump kicking on every couple minutes, left Missouri and made it to Florida 2 weeks ago.
I met a guy in Key West who had the same problem driving down from Wyoming in a Country Coach.
I was parked next to a guy in an 07 Monaco Executive, from Colorado and he said he never has a problem that water pump is in center of coach.
We planned on using this coach to go skiing and winter trips and now are scratching our heads.
Anyone have any suggestions other than putting a small heater in wet bay (Fire Hazard)?


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Re: Winterproof coach

Well, you would seem to have several options, some of which might not be practical.

1) Don't go where it is cold (my preferance :) )
2) Enclosing the pump in an insulated container, you might need to add heat to this somehow by
2a) tapping off a heat duct into this container
2b) lining the container with 'heat tape'
3) setting up a 'recirculating system' so the pump comes on every so often (best would be thermostatically controlled, but timed would do), pumps water around in a circle (not from fresh water to gray water) and then shuts off. Wrapping this 'circle' with heat tape may be even better.
4) Move the pump to someplace better protected
5) Increase the insulation of the 'wet bay' and add a heat source (light bulb, heat tape)

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Re: Winterproof coach

You can install a small thermostate controled electric heater in the compartment where the pump is if there is room and away from combustable material. My HR has this which came with the winter package. Never had a problem and we were just in the smokies and the temp went down to 11 degrees. You will have to have 110volts to run it so the gen would have to be run if driving in cold weather.


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Re: Winterproof coach

Where is the water pump located? At 25 degrees it would take more than an hour for it to freeze hard enough to break a pump! And I have not seen one motorhome that had heater plumbing bays that the pump was located where it would freeze. I highly doubt that your's is that way either. Have you located the water pump to be sure that you know where it is?


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The pump is behind a thin wall in the wet bay-it has a 12"X12" access panel held by 4 screws. I assume its easy access to winterize, but does not stay as warm as other compartments.
I took it to the dealer, they had 4 other Revolutions with the same pump and none of them would work-all froze up. Two of the pumps came off brand new coaches and had antifreeze in the pump when it was removed.
They had a new pump overnighted from Indiana. I couldn't believe it and probably wouldn't if I didn't see it with my own eyes. I was helping the guy work on it for over 4 hours the 1st day when trying all those pumps.
Any thoughts?