Wireless internet


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Does anyone have info on wireless internet.
Dial up is not available unless you have a phone line.
I would like to have wireless while traveling at the
many places without dial up.


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Wireless internet

Wireless is not available unless the park has a "hot spot." Most parks that do have hot spots also charge extra for the use of them. We are presently in a park where wirless is advertised and the price is $8 for 24 hours. That is a KOA so it is probably the rate in KOA parks. The up side is that KOA is planning to put them into all of their parks. I believe that they also have an annual fee, but do not know what it costs. We have seen fees from as low as $3 per day to this, which is the most. Flying J truck stops also have it and they charge $99 per year or I think it is $5 per day. There are a few RV parks that provide wireless for free, but so far that is mostly the more up-scale parks. There are websites that will help you to find the parks that do have hot spots. Most are the sites of the providers so they will only list the parks that use that company's service. Perhaps a reader who has the URL's for them will post them.

Another choice is the internet cards from one of the cell phone companies. Verison and Cingular now have a card that can plug into the laptop to give you direct access to the internet anywhere they have service. I don't know what the cost of that is. There are aslo cards to use your cell phone, but that is very slow.

We fought the war with wires for our first 4 1/2 years of fulltime RV living, but finally gave up and joined the dish users last Jan. That is the best answer long term, but is not without expense.