Wiring Brougham 1983


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is there anybody who can help me with a wiring problem from my RV?
Aren't there any wiring diagrams from this RV manufacture?

It is build on a Ford chassis E 350.

There are two batteries, standing in front of the RV, the left batterie is for the vehicle, and the right which is a light batterie supports the house system I thought!

After checking this out the following I experienced;

Everything, fridge, waterpump, lights etc, runs on the left batterie, the starter batterie from the vehicle!

The only thing I found out what runs on the light batterie is the starter from the generator in the back!

I can't imagine that this is the right connection, normally the starter batterie is not in use for the RV.

Some one told me that there are no wiring diagrams from Brougham, what I also can't imagine!

Any help is welcome!

regards Rob

Dan Wong

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I realize your post is old. I am hoping you still around. did you ever find the wiring diagram? I am hoping you may have other information on this RV.

I just acquired a 1983 Brougham, I am looking for wiring diagram, manuals, whatever you may have. would appreciate you sharing whatever you have with me. please reply to ddanwong@ hotmail dot com
thank you very much