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I asked a T.T. dealer how you keep the camper battery charged when your traveling. He said that it automaticly charges from the toll vehicle when your driving. It seems to me that all the wires to the trailer are only hot when you apply the brakes, lights signals, etc. So how would that keep it charged. I am wiring my own toll vehicle and I want to make sure everything is wired right. I went back to the dealer and asked him that question. He said he didn,t know. Not to smart a dealer I think. Can any body help me with this. Thanks for any info. Lou :question:


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The wiring harness should have, in addition to ground, parking light, left brake/turn light, right brake/turn light and the brake control, a 'charge' wire which always charges the RV battery when the tow vehicle is running. So the wiring harness should have at least 6 wires (7 seems pretty common, with a round plug with the blades around a circle).

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Re: Wiring Question

Looking into the plug when mounted on the back of the tow vehicle, the blade at 1:00 is the Charge or "hot" line. 3:00 is right turn, 5:00 is trailer brakes, 7:00 is ground, 9:00 is left turn, 11:00 is trailer marker lights and center is back up lights. Most trailers do not have back up lights on them, but of course all plugs have the terminal.

On some vehicles (Ford and new body GM) the charge wire is not hot until the key is on.
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