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Hey guys and gals. I've been camping for many years, from tents to pop up, to Class A and now a a Sunnybrook-Sunset Creek. Now with the pop up and the Class A I was always able to level up and put jack supports under the four corners and I would not get a wobble. With the TT I have put the tires up on boards, leveled it, put the four sissor jacks down and bought/installed two tube jacks (just ahead of the tires on the mainframe. Now, I don't think Linda and I gained that much weight while enjoying the Holidays so I can't figure out why when we walk thru the trailer we get a real wobble. It was not like this prior to me putting the tires on boards.
I am so embarrassed to admit I can't get it right.
I need some suggestions. :dead: If ya want to make fun of me, go ahead........ :laugh:
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Too much gobble gobble makes too much ... :clown:

"It was not like this prior to me putting the tires on boards." Then don't do that! ;)

Seriously, back off on what you did to gain the problem, then you'll have more insight into how to solve it.

The secret to troubleshooting any problem successfully it to limit the variables. Hold everything constant then adjust one variable at a time. Your mind can get a hold on it better that way.
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It sounds to me that you have taken too much weight off the tires. The jacks in front of the axle are doing some lifting, and that is adding to your "wobble".

When I level, I only use boards under the tires that are necessary. I don't put wood under all tires.

I think we discussed, when you were here, that you should put chocks between the tires that spread out and lock down front-to-back movement. I know the steel ones are not cheap, but boy do they work.

The stab. jacks do not do much for front-to-back movement. Just not in the design. They do stop a trailer from rocking and rolling, but not front and back.

Hope that helps!


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Hi Mike, not sure if this helps, and I'm sure you have already done it. May just have to snug up all the jacks. Everything settling in.(all the tires same amount of air?). Or like Tx said, but we always put ours up on boards. Sorry I'm not much help...Happy New Year :)


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Ya saved me Ken. Looks like we posted at the same time. So it's not all the turkey :laugh: Happy New Year!!!!