Woe is Us! Which to buy?


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We are looking at fifth wheels to begin full-timing. We have shopped and shopped and our confusion is growing. We are currently considering one of these: a Hitchhiker Premier, a Holiday Rambler Presidential, or an Alfa Gold. They are all about 35 feet in length and have 3 or 4 slides. Any input on which way we should go (or is there a better choice)? Any problems with these manufacturers standing behind their products? Thanks to all who will help us out.

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Woe is Us! Which to buy?

Hi Ray,
I think either of the three will make you a great rv. Go with the floor plan that best suits your needs and look at the max carring weight. Hitchhiker seems to be a favorite with a lot of fulltimers. We have a 2002 H/R Vactioner and so far the factory has been very good to work with. Will be taking it to Leesburg Fl for the recall on the trusses in Feb. so will know a little more about how the factory handles their customers. They were very nice on the phone. :)


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Woe is Us! Which to buy?


You may want to look at Mobile Suites if you have not bought yet. We looked at many and my wife saw the MS and said this is it.

Just another option.

Woe is Us! Which to buy?

Ray, I suggest bypassing on the Alpha Gold from information I have come across from different sources. The Alpha units have a lot of trouble and that basement air conditioner does not appear to do a good job according to other Alpha owners. RV Consumers rates them at the bottom also. If you are looking for good units in the 36' range, the Mobile Suites is a good one or King of the Road for less expensive full time. I don't know what your use is (vacationing or full time) but the more expensive units and full time ones that you should consider are Travel Supreme, Newmar, Teton, New Horizon, Excel. Good Luck. I am still going through my list and information too.