Won't Pass Smog Check

On March 03, 2007 I purchased a 2004 Class A, Allegro with Workhorse Chassis here in NorCal. GM motor. Has only 15K miles. It is still at the dealer because it cannot pass a smog test. C02 sensor replaced. There was a recall on the intake manifold. It was replaced. Still no luck.
Anybody had this problem? Maybe I can help the dealer figure it out!
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If you post the emissions print out, it will give everyone an idea on what area this eng. is failing emissions in. Then maybe some one will have some realistic suggestions of what to check.
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Thanks for the post, CaliRV. You'd think that when you bought a vehicle, even a used one, that it would be road ready. Can you get your money back? or another unit? Surely you have some recourse....
And if you feel you got cheated by the dealer, let us know so we won't get snnokered too....
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Thanks Browzin,
I wish I could get a copy of the smog report. Unfortunately, the RV is 150 miles away from me, and I haven't seen it since the day I bought it.

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Well Texas_Camper,
They've got my Non-refundable $10K down payment. My biggest problem is constantly playing phone-tag with the Service Department. I'm giving them this week, then I contact Action Line to make some noise.


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Re: Won't Pass Smog Check

Can,t believe the dealer can't figure out why it wont pass an emission test :eek: Is it at a chevy dealer? Emission problem should fall under warranty. Has the exhaust been altered or any after market performance added? Computer been reprogramed :( Talk to the original owner if possible to see if any kind of work has been done.