Won't start unless plugged in


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Have a 1993 Gulfstream Sunsport with a Chevy 454. It won't start even when jumped. Would not start even when jumper cables were hooked up to a running Ford V8 vehicle for 20 minutes. Disconnected jumper cables. Plugged motorhome into landline. On a whim I decided to try starting it and it started right up. Why wouldn't it start when jumped from another vehicle, but it would start when plugged into a landline?


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Re: Won't start unless plugged in

Sounds like a battery disconnect is open when not plugged in. Plugging in activated your converter, providing 12V to close the disconnect and/or ignition relays. just a wild guess.


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RE: Won't start unless plugged in

Check your ground cable from your chassis to your engine.Make sure it has a good conection.good luck