Won't start

Allison man,
I just signed in the site, from the notes I read, "you da man".
I do not know if my problem is transmission related but here is what is going on. I just purchased my 34 foot Hawkins Motor Coach in Nov. of '05. I have NO manuals with it. It is a 300 HP Cummings (I do not know for sure it is an 8.3 but told it should be)Allison 6 speed Transmission on an Oshkosh chassies. The other day I went to move the coach and turned the key to on and all the lights and buzzer went on as they should. Turned the key to start and not even a click. Nothing. I did this with the headlights on and they flickered from the on to start, but remained bright. I used the crossover button for house batteries and no change. I took the battery out and had it checked and it is 1225 CCAs. What has this got to do with the trans? The digital readout on the transmission will not come on. Is there an electronic neutral safety switch somewhere? Circut breaker? I have checked the relays (6) and two fuses in the "Transmission box" up front, all good. What is next?
Won't start

If the headlights aren't dimming then the starter solenoid isn't closing. I don't know if it's on the starter or remote on those but there is no current getting to the starter or the headlights would dim.