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Ok, I spent today lookin again for a 5th wheel. We looked at a bunch of ones we hadn't seen before and really like the Lareo 28RE. We also like the Hornet 275H. There are a couple of differences but the major one to us is the Laredo aluminum frame and glass exterior or the Hornet's wood frame and aluminum exterior. What are the real world advantages and disadvantages? The aluminum frame of the Laredo is welded also. Pros and cons please. The Hornet is about 5k less. Is the Laredo worth the extra?

How about the quality of these units? Are they built well and will they stand up over a period of time? They seem to have most if not all for the bases covered when it comes to the heated tanks, covered under belly etc. You guys that either own em or looked at em whatcha think?

One last thing. I have a saddle tool box in the bed of the truck. Will I have to remove it to tow the 5th wheel or will there be enough clearence with it on. The salesman said the hitch on the unit was extened but didn't know if the box would have to come off.

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C Nash

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Wood, Aluminum what's up

Hi Gary,
Thought for sure you would be bringing one back with you. I think the Laredo is the same as the Cougar line. Is it made by Keystone? I think the Larado is made in one of the west Keystone plants. Fiberglass sides are easier to keep clean, will not dent like the aluminum, better insulation but, f/glass is heavier, harder to repair and cost more than the aluminum. Some say the welds break and the screwed frame allow them to give which is needed when moving. I prefer the weld. Wood rots, aluminum doesn't, aluminum sweats, wood doesen,t. I'll vote for the no rot. A lot of the top of the line use wood frame. If the Laredo is anything like the Cougar it is a very good entry level unit. Is your truck a long bed or short? You should be able to leave the toolbox if you have the long. I would also look at the slider hitch if you have a short bed. All (JMO)

Chelse L. Nash


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Wood, Aluminum what's up

The above post is correct about the difference between wood and aluminum. I also opted for the aluminum. IMHO unless your doing serious camping in cold weather gao with the aluminum.