Work Horse engine noise

We bought a new 2004 Fleetwood with an 8.1 workhorse engine. As we drove it home the first time we noticed a loud banging. It seemed to be coming from the front end on the right. A check of the entire front end was negative. We took it to a work horse shop and they said it was a heater rod banging. We then took it to an rv dealer and he said no and sent it to a shop that works on buses another work horse service center. So far no one can find the reason for the banging. It comes from the right front. You can feel it under the passengers feet.We want this fixed. We havent even had a chance to take it out. It's been in shops since we bought it. HELP
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Work Horse engine noise

Judy: Some people have had a nylon shim that fell out from between the springs on both sides of front end. This will cause a clanking noise an possible vibration felt under foot. There is a Workhorse Chat Room every Thursday night at 9pm, on, ask Workhorse rep., maybe Chris, about your problems.---"007"

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