Workamping (Work Campers)

Hello To All

I am TJVPGA's wife. TJVPGA accepted a job transfer and we are staying in our RV while we house hunt and I looked for job in the new area.

I decided to Workamp while we house and job hunted to take up some time and I had heard such great things.

We decide to stay at the campground that offered such a situation as Workamping for lot rent. The campground had a posting for a Store/Registration help.

We even came down two weeks before the move. They (the owners of the park and General Manager) interviewed me to make sure that I knew how to work a PC, cash register, asked question about customer service and explain their policies. During that time they told me that I would be working about 30 hours a week and would I be able to light cleaning because they had a crew that came in at night and did the heavy cleaning. I said it was no problem to either one (the 30 hours a week and light cleaning).

When we got here two weeks later. I was given only 12 to 15 hours and it was all heavy cleaning that is done in the mornings.

I am trying not to editoralize to much. And there have been other issues in the short time that I have been here.

My question is to other Workampers: is this normal to be told one thing and assigned something else entirely? I have mentioned it on several occasions that this is not what I signed up for but my words go on unheard. Just wondering if this happend to anyone else and what did you do or say about the situation.
Workamping (Work Campers)

In my opinion you have a deceitful employer. If it were me, I would move the RV and look for employment elsewhere.
Workamping (Work Campers)

I agree with sretaw..........stay where you are at until you find another place to move the RV and don't look back. This world is full of people who say one thing and do another.
Workamping (Work Campers)

This is all too common with Workamping. We had similar bad experiences even tho we had detailed job descriptions in writing. Find something else and be sure of what you are getting in to and then leave. Dont think you owe this creep any notice either. :(

C Nash

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Workamping (Work Campers)

What did the heavy cleaning require? I see they only required you to work half the original hours but, that doesn't excuse the original plan change. The only thing about leaving is the possiblity of damaging your reputation for future work camp host. We have work camped and most of the time did more than required but, I can't sit anyway. i don't mind doing the light cleaning in bathrooms and such even though it is not required most of the time. Was this at a chain, state or private cg? Some do expect you to just do whatever arises.