Workhorse chassis owners beware

Please check by your right exhaust right by the manifold. I have had 2 Workhorse chassis come into my shop this week. One had a shorted battery cable laying on the right exhaust and the other had the battery cables a good 10" away and even though coach was brand new, the wire protection loom and cable were melting.I have informed Allison (which this has nothing to do with this but they can let GMC know)
I am not saying anything bad about the Workhorse they ride and drive excellent, but I am concerned for the safety of the owners. If you have any Allison questions, please put them on my AllisonMan post. This post is just to warn of a possible danger. If you do run into a melted cable or even the loom, please post here so I can get a count. This will help get this problem resolved quicker. I am hoping this was only these two vehicles because I really like this chassis. Thanks and have a great day :)
Workhorse chassis owners beware

Since this is obviously NOT a Workhorse but whoever built the box issue, Why not post who the box bulder would be and notify them. Notifying GMC or even Workhorse serves no useful purpose if they don't know which to builder to contact. Folks that build the box put the batteries wherever they choose along with the cable runs...Not Workhorse.
Workhorse chassis owners beware

Hi Butch,
The reason for that is because it was 2 different bodybuilders. I am gathering information so I can determine which OEM's have a problem. I am just trying to inform motorhomers to check their Workhorse chassis to save them the headache of a breakdown. Isn't that what this forum is about? Have a great day!
Workhorse chassis owners beware

Watch out for workhorse chassis quality. I had a waterpump pulley fall of at 1300 miles because the bolts werent all the way installed. i also had a rear end fail at 1800 miles due to faulty bearings and spider gears. the power steering pump is growling and the windshield wipers dont work....there are other problems. i had to fix the belt and rear end at my expense 1000 miles from home because workhorse couldnt find a tow company nor a dealer to repair the damage in time for me to even drive the vehicle home. i would have had to leave the vehicle for up to two weeks, fly home, and then fly back to get it. now they tell me it will take 6-8 weeks to evaluate my claim. i have the 200 lb rear end in my garage with the broken gears and they havent even asked to see it yet. I guess that is professional grade?!