Workhorse vrs Ford v10

We are looking at entry level class A motorhomes and wondering if the workhorse is worth the extra $1800 charge. It seems the dealers will play up whatever engine is in the particular class A that we are looking at. I am not too concerned about the extra capacity of the Ford as I am about the overall performance and reliability. :)

C Nash

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Workhorse vrs Ford v10

Drive them both and then make your decision. Which workhorse cassis are you looking at W20, W22 or the W24. I would go with the 22.5 tires if they are availiable on the rv your looking at ford or workhorse. Check the CCC on both. I went to a RV show yesterday and was shocked to see a 36 ft MH with less than 600 lbs of CCC :eek: . Passed out when I saw the "show special prices" Don't go with the brochure on the weight look in the cabinets and find the weight for the rv you are looking at.
Workhorse vrs Ford v10

I have had good experience with the Ford V-10 on the F53 frame. Is the $1800 extra on the Workhorse for the heavy duty frame normally associated with diesel? How big a unit are you considering? :question:
Workhorse vrs Ford v10

I have own three Ford V-10's prior to the WH W-22 I now own. The WH as of now has the best ride an noise reduction between the two. I say as of now because Ford has come out with a new drive train not sure about chassis that may compete with the WH. If FORD didn't up grade the chassis than I would go with the WH--W-20,W-22 or W-24. I have a W-22, had to put on Bilsteins to improve ride but all WH's have them now. W-24 is a complete up grade form previous two, its on my wish list. You have to drive the two Mfg's chassis to see what you will like, WH IS WORTH THE EXTRA MONEY.----"007"