Working on the road ??

Working on the road ??

Right now, I am not (full timing that is) but in the future (18 months) I plan to work and or volunteer for my site. I have the luxury of having a small monthly check delivered to my bank once a month, thanks to the federal government, so I can take care of the basic life requirements with that. If extra is needed, I guess I would look for a paying job at a campground or in the area I am staying. I am not much of an entrepreneur so I really have a hard time coming up with creative ways of making money, I tend to stick to the tested ones.

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Working on the road ??

Our fulltiming will start June 1 and we will be working. I am moving my trade into the RV industry as a technician and my wife will do odds jobs. Have to sell our business soon as I am enrolled in RVSA (RV Service Academy) which starts in March 2003. I don't think I will have a problem finding work! :) Got to go for now. Later

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Working on the road ??

Have been fulltiming for 2 yrs.... Whenever I need "extra" money, I just find a job nearby. Gas Station Attendant, Cashier, Mower of lawns, Light duty General Labor, etc. Those kinds of things are out there, just have to look for them. Manpower, Addecco, Labor Ready, all these places have varying policies towards getting paid. LaborReady pays daily, Manpower and Addecco weekly, by that week. Plus, look in the want ads of the local paper. It is a great way to meet others in the local community! Especially if you are a cashier at the local foodmart.
Working on the road ??

My wife & myself pay for all our rv'ing and living expenses while on the road selling two products that rv'ers reall need and want! The products are called: "The Solution", world's best waterless car/rv wash & protectant and the most powerful and most cost effective rv holding tank waste digester called "Piranha". You don't have any middlemen to deal with and no multi-level marketing! Just great products that really work & the company even pays all shipping charges on any size orders to any address, even if it's different every time. They will just mark the mdse. "Hold for John Jones" or whatever, and it's at the campground when you arrive! Check these products out as we did at


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Working on the road ??

We don't work for pay, but we do spend a lot of our time doing volunteer work in the public parks in return for a full hook-up campsite. We find that this makes the cost of living very low. And this is something that you can do almost anywhere. We love that way that volunteers are treeted and we seldom are asked to do a job that we don't wish to do. We live in some of the most beautiful locations that there are in every location that we visit, and as volunteers, we usually are not expected to stay as long as you would be when in a paid position. So all told, we find that to be the best answer. If you wish, drop us a line and we would be happy to share our experiences with you!

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Working on the road ??

Hi my wife is a store manager for Wal-Mart and she has a couple that work for her that are fulltimers. They work here in florida in the winter then transfer somewhere else in the spring. Seems to work for them