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Hi All, What a great website and forum. My wife and I are looking into the idea of taking our HAZWOPER service on the road. We are trying to determine if there is an RV that is ideally suited for travel, mobile office, home on wheels and work vehicle. We clean/remediate houses that have been made uninhabitable by the occupants. This involves cleaning equipment of various types. Too varied to go into much detail, probably requires the amount of room found in an Astrovan just for the equipment. This maybe a physical impossibility. But, who better to ask than real RV'ers? Thanks in advance for your feedback. We're looking forward to meeting lots of great RV'ers out there.

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Working RV

Hi excsvc, welcome to the forum. :) You might want to look into some of thr rvs called toy haulers. They can be towed with a truck. With a MH you would probably need to tow a inclosed trailer with your equipment and would not be able to tow a toad for your traveling around local. Will your equipment fit into the basement storage in a MH? Have to be carefull as it is easy to over load most MH. I have seen some large MH that you could put the toad in but, don't know what kind of money you are wanting to spend, they are very expensive.[: (] You might buy an older unit and convert it to fit your needs.
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Your replies got me to researching haulers. It appears that "Four Winds" makes a series of RV's that they call "Fun Movers". They look like they will do the job. I'll check to see if any other RV Manufacturers make a similar vehicle. If anyone is familiar with these type vehicles, I'd appreciate feedback. Thanks.
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I'm rather familiar with the 31C floorplan. I have them in my rental fleet. I've seen people use them to haul motorcycles, 4 wheelers and gaolf carts. I've also had people rent them to take to the races because of the "party space" in the back. ;)
I'm sure that being in a rental fleet, you can imagine the way that they get treated. They have held up incredibly well (with the expected problems in any new unit, mostly warrantee stuff).
If you have any other questions feel free to call me toll free at 888-436-2737 or email at
Working RV

Another idea would be to tow a travel trailer with a van. A full size van can tow a good sized trailer while hauling your equipment. If there is extra space, you could put your office in there too so the trailer is just home, the van is just work.
A "high cub" model can be custom built for not much more than a standard van and can be ordered just as you need it. You would also have a very wide selection of trailers to choose from.