Would you rent your RV?

I am in the process of starting a company called Qraft and we allow people who own RV's, boats, motorcycles, cars, etc. to rent them out to other people in their community. Essentially...RV Rentals by owner. People seem to love the idea, but I wanted to ask owners of RV's if they would be willing to rent out their RV if we insure the owners and you know exactly who the renter is. You set the price and decide who you want to rent to based on our trust and renter verification system.

Is this something you would be willing to do as an owner?

I've very interested in your feedback, thoughts and ideas as we are moving forward with the business. Thank you for your time.
Hell NO, I would have to unpack all my stuff and then repack when I wanted to use it. THEN, I would find out how much stuff the rentor broke and did not care about...Good luck but you are not renting my RV.


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No, I would not rent my motorhome to a person, no matter how well insured they are. Even if the insurance coverage more than paid for any breakage, I would still be out the use of my rig while it was getting repaired. There are companies out there (CruiseAmerica, etc) who specialize in rental RV's and I don't think you could undercut them by enough to make a decent profit. Not No but Hell No!!!
No way Jose". My cockpit looks like a 747. I still have to look where all the gauges and switches are. If it was one of those class c rentals, maybe
Must be some market for the business. I picked up a flyer several years ago at a local RV show from a company where you can rent out your RV.