I was fortunate enough to get a garage for my RV at a very reasonable monthly rate. Now the hot Florida sun will not cause its damage to my rig. No one else but another RVer would appreciate this ... : )


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Re: Wow!

We have just agreed to buy an RV port home that will put our motohome completely inside for the first time in it's life! Of course we really don't expect to let is spend a lot of time inside for the first few years.


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Re: Wow!

WOW!! Something new to talk about...YES!!

We have a cover but have never put it on....always hoping we will be going somewhere soon. Like that is gonna happen :clown:

No really, some say the cover causes mildew and mold so I hate to take the chance. We would love an RV Port but hate to pay the $$$ to put one up.


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Re: Wow!

I've been thinking about buying a cover since the MH is parked under an oak tree with the associated acorns and oak leaves full of tannin. Top of the MH looks like it has a skin disease - black spots all over from the leaves. But with getting ready to go visit the niece, nephew and niecelettes over Christmas, then getting ready to head back to Alaska in April, I don't know if it would be worth it. Maybe next year - or I could check into renting a covered space in one of the local storage yards. :) :)
Re: Wow!

Kirk, Congratulations on the big step to buy a RV port home; hope all works out ok
I have been 'lurking' on this site about a year - we bought a class A last year ...

And have learned alot from all your posts; keep up the great work.